Jessie Spencer Trust

The Trust’s Grant Policy

a. The trustees welcome applications for grants and request that those applying adopt the procedure set out in “How to apply for a grant

b. While the trustees discretion is wide, as a matter of practice the trustees have historically sought to support:-

1. Charitable projects and activities in or benefiting people in the East Midlands.

2. Organisations where the amount of the Trust’s grant “makes a difference” e.g. this may be by making a gift to a small organisation which is unlikely to have access to similar amounts of grant or provides a regular income over a number of years allowing the organisation to plan a particular project.

3. Organisations which have significant volunteer support.

c. It is unusual for the trustees to make grants:-

1. To individuals or organisations which are not UK registered charities or Community Interest Companies.

2. In respect of –

i. Endowment appeals.
ii. Loans or business finance.

iii. Sponsorship or marketing appeals or fundraising events.

iv. Campaigning work and projects that are primarily political

v. Activities that are the responsibility of the local health or education authority or similar body.

vi. Activities that have already taken place.

vii. General or mail shot appeals.

d. Grant values generally fall within the range £500 - £5000