Jessie Spencer Trust

How To Apply for A Grant

a. Applications can be made by clicking on this link, 

b. Applications should: -

1. Clearly identify the name of the organisation, its status as a registered charity, a community interest company (CIC) or provide other evidence of the organisation’s charitable purpose.

2. Explain the project or activity for which the grant is requested and how it meets the Trust’s policy identified in “The Trust’s Grant Policy”.

3. Explain who will benefit from the project or activity and show that the benefit is sustainable.

4. Identify the likely costs of the project or activity and what other finance is available, The Trustees need to understand that the project/activity will actually go ahead.

5. Explain if the project/activity will be managed or organised by paid staff and/or volunteers and the numbers involved.

6. Ensure that a copy of the organisation’s last audited accounts is included.

c. The Trustees meet in March, June, September and December each year.

d. After each quarterly meeting of our Trustees successful applicants will be contacted by letter however unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.